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v46996 Apr 13, 2024

金主小伙与好友操金融眼镜熊叔 Rich g...

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v21275 Aug 07, 2022


<p>Custom video: Private Investigator Bigdaddy is in peril.</p> <p>From the script: The intruder takes a step back away from Big Daddy PI. Bigdaddy PI is close to unconsciousness. Head bowed, he slumps forward out of the chair and down onto his knees. Then he slowly puts the palms of his hands down so that he’s on all fours steadying himself, before eventually collapsing face first, unconscious...</p> <p>Want to make a custom video with Bigdaddy? tell me your fantasies, order them from custom request page at https://chubold.com/studio/custom-request/50301</p>

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v08306 Jan 06, 2021


<p>I get this lovely women again to my hotel room. She has to be one of my best fuck's i had. She loves to feel my cock in her and even calls out Big Cock darling and when she says that i just want to fuck her hearder and a lot more. She loves to suck my dick just like a vacumm and if i had a choice to buy a vacumm or take her i will for sure take her 100% and she will do a better job.</p>

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v07933 Nov 16, 2020


<p>This women loves to suck cock belive me i was there. She loves to wait for the end for the best part and loves to feel the white stuff in her mouth.</p>

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v07863 Nov 17, 2020


<p>I meet this girl at a bar in Bangkok not far from my hotel i was staying in. She then left the bar she was working at and moved in with me as i was staying long stay in Thailand. At the time i didn't believe she was 19 years old till i got a police men to verify her age in Bangkok. This girl loves to fuck and she like to be tort how to do new things all the time. She loved to do blow jobs and i liked to lick her out all day and fuck her heard all the time and she never complane at all even on the size i am.</p> <p> </p>

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v07422 Nov 03, 2020


<p>Nanny loves to visit BigDaddy when he is in town in the big city of Bangkok. She tries very heard to get one step closer to me. She meets me in a hotel in Bangkok and then i slammed her heard. She started of not liking it much, then she changed her tune and started to love it when BigDaddy licks her pussy in and out and using his tongue perfectly in the right spot. This girl was going crazy and moans and rolls her eyes when BigDaddy lick's and fuck's her. BigDaddy love's when she doe's that. </p>

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