v07970 - Bedtime with stepdad - ChubDaddy StudioCheaper, longer, higher quality version, exclusive

Title Bedtime with stepdad - ChubDaddy StudioCheaper, longer, higher quality version, exclusive
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Bedtime with stepdad - ChubDaddy Studio

Cheaper, longer, higher quality version, exclusive for chubold.

Petite youngster Cecilia Lion is ready for bed and just needs her stepfather to tuck her in for the night. He comes in and asks her about her bedtime rituals. He is very thorough and wishes to be certain that his little girl hasn’t forgotten to wash up and brush her teeth. When the old guy is checking the cleanliness of her small, brown feet, Cecilia’s foot brushes stepdad’s crotch: she exclaims excitedly “Stepdaddy, you have a rection!” The fatherly figure uses this moment to teach her that the proper word is “erection.” Cecilia follows up by asking if that means they are going to play the secret game again. Stepdad assures young Ceci that they are definitely going to take this opportunity to play since his wife is working late.

Cecilia gets so excited to play with her stepdad’s hard cock again. The old guy goes down on those beautiful little feet like he hasn’t eaten in days. As he licks, kisses and slurps those perfect feet in complete delight; the young girl uses both hands to grip, twist and toy with the old man’s cock. It’s such a fun toy and he makes the oddest sounds as she twists and pumps his throbbing boner. Cecilia Lion uses her small hands and slender fingers to pump, squeeze and jerk the trembling man’s dick to an explosive orgasm. She does such a great job that stepdad promises to take her shoe shopping on the weekend; but reminds sweet Cecilia Lion that their very special game must always remain a secret.