v07971 - Rubbingg and Teasing Footjob - by ChubDaddy StudioCheaper, longer, higher

Title Rubbingg and Teasing Footjob - by ChubDaddy StudioCheaper, longer, higher
Added Nov 20, 2020
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Rubbingg and Teasing Footjob - by ChubDaddy Studio

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Lovely, luscious Lola Fae is a crowd pleaser for sure. She sports the most perfectly sweet petite feet you will ever find. If you can peel your eyes away from those tasty tootsies, you’ll see a twisted smile of supreme confidence on her pretty face. She may not bother to speak to you, but you can be certain that she is sizing you up. In this scene she grants the fortunate Archer Legend a long time wish by giving him a footjob. Lola Fae is a very talented cockwalker and you don’t want to miss seeing her put feet on meat. Archer endures her glares of indifference as she tantalizes his throbbing cock with thr dainty toes and soft, slender soles of her size six feet. She has no intention of stepping on his dick all day long and she makes it clear that he must cum for her. Cumming on demand isn’t as easy as one might imagine, even underneath those wonderful goddess feet, but Lola Fae spurs the big guy into spooging out a whopping load of hot cum all over her sexy little feet.