v07994 - Sexy Stripper Shoejob for Chub Daddy by ChubDaddy Studio

Title Sexy Stripper Shoejob for Chub Daddy by ChubDaddy Studio
Added Nov 24, 2020
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Your favorite Chub Daddy Archer Legend has convinced a struggling, out of work stripper to play with his dick. This young lady is performing her very first shoejob on the big guy.  Archer Legend lies back as the barely legal exotic dancer goes to work on his cock.  She slips his tool between her wrinkled arch and the bright silver heel and pumps up and down.  She uses her other foot to alternately caress his balls and increase the exquisite pressure on his bulging shaft.  It’s a very tight fit for his thick cock and her tiny size six foot so the sensation is intense.  The pole dancer earns her exotic name as she brings our portly, foot loving hero to an explosive orgasm that coats her shiny shoe in thick, creamy cum.