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Title Big Load - Chubdaddy StudioThickest cumshot from a chubby daddy
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Big Load - Chubdaddy Studio

Thickest cumshot from a chubby daddy ever seen!

Kiki Star goes over to her friend’s house, but finds she isn’t yet home. Her friend’s step-father invites her to wait for Emily to arrive. The old chubby guy finds an excuse to see and touch Kiki’s pretty young feet. A friendly foot rub becomes more intimate when she notices the man has a hard on. Kiki asks him to take it out and she begins rubbing his cock with her sexy brown size six’s. She rubs, twists and jerks his hard cock with her petite feet. When Kiki’s legs get tired she begins jerking him off with her soft hands. It takes a long time for the sweet young thing to get the old guy off. When he finally nears orgasm he tells her to put her feet back on his cock, but before Kiki can bring those slender feet into position he splurts a thick rope of cum onto the floor. Kiki Star is disappointed that she didn’t catch it with her feet as intended, but old uncle tio is feeling quite relieved with the outcome. Somebody better clean that mess up before Emily comes home from oboe practice.