v08149 - Chub Daddy Makes a Deposit

Title Chub Daddy Makes a Deposit
Added Dec 14, 2020
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Anastasia Rose gets a visit from her landlord.  She’s behind on the rent and he wants her to make some effort to service the debt.   The conniving young girl has spotted the rise in his shorts and offers to suck his dick while he’s licking her feet.  That’s an offer he can’t refuse, so the horny dude drops his shorts and Anastasia wraps her wet lips around his bulging boner.  She sucks and jerks his pulsing penis as she wiggles her tasty toes in his face.  Somehow the chubby older man endures the full service for over twenty minutes before finally emptying his balls into her young mouth.  Anastasia swishes the warm cum around in her mouth before swallowing the entire load.  She’s happy to have paid the debt, but the landlord reminds her of the late fees.  The horny old dude will be back next week for some more oral loving from his favorite tenant Anastasia Rose.