v08357 - Shoejob Footjob Handjob for Chub Daddy

Title Shoejob Footjob Handjob for Chub Daddy
Added Jan 17, 2021
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Chub Daddy has a young angel with sweet petite feet in his bed tonight and she’s going to make all his foot fetish dreams come true.  She begins by oiling up her tiny size six feet to perform a shoejob while wearing a dazzling pair of golden slippers.  It’s a tight fit to get the Chub’s thick cock in that small space, but with lots of lube and a team effort they get it where it needs to be.  The beautiful barefoot babe strokes the big man’s cock up and down in extraordinary effort.  He even takes a turn working her shoed foot on his boner to really enjoy the sensation.  After a bit, she removes the shoes and really shows off her amazing foot skills on the big guy in ultimate footjob fashion.  To bring the chubby daddy across the finish line, the caring young slut wraps her small hand with long, slender fingers around the bulging penis of her man and strokes him to a breathtaking finish.