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v40661 Nov 23, 2023

Photo Album: Indonesia Daddy

<p>14 items, various resolution, Indonesia Daddy&nbsp;</p>

Resolution: * 100tk

v40614 Nov 23, 2023

Photo Album: Abah Azrul - Malaysia

<p>31 items, resolution about 500x 1000 pixels, Collection of naked photo for Daddy Azrul from Malaysia</p>

Resolution: * 60tk

v40337 Nov 16, 2023

Playtime with Randy Steve 383 Pi...

<p>Well as you know I&rsquo;m always up for a meet with one of my Horny Admirers , especially when we get together for a Hot &amp; Horny Photoshoot and this time was no Exception, Randy Steve was not messing about and knew exactly what he wanted as he started to remove my clothes, after getting my kit off he couldn&rsquo;t wait to get stuck into licking my Hot Wet Pussy, well it was soon my turn and I wasn&rsquo;t slow in getting his cock out and giving it a damn good sucking, well He just couldn&rsquo;t get enough of my Hot Pussy and sucked and licked it in every conceivable position then after more Cock Sucking It was Time for me to get a well deserved Fucking.</p> <p>Trisha&nbsp; xxx</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>383 Pic&rsquo;s&nbsp; (1280 px&nbsp; X&nbsp; 852 px)</p>

Resolution: * 300tk

v40306 Nov 15, 2023

Fun With Pub Landlord Chris 385 P...

<p>I never refuse to meet one of my Hot &amp; Horny Admirers for a Photoshoot and Pub Landlord, Chris was no exception, he soon got into the swing of things and before long I was sucking on his stiff cock which was oozing Pre-Cum, he was desperate to Fuck me, but I had no intension of giving in that easily, I massaged his cock and sucked him off and gave him an awesome Tit wank and he ravished my pussy with his tongue and his thick stiff cock continued to drip Pre-Cum and I savoured up every drop, I had been teasing him something wicked all morning, so at long last it was time for him to give me a well-deserved fucking, which he did in every conceivable position before sucking all the juices from my hot wet and well fucked pussy.</p> <p>Trisha&nbsp; xxx</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>385 Pic&rsquo;s&nbsp; (1280 px&nbsp; X&nbsp; 852 px)</p>

Resolution: * 300tk

v40245 Nov 13, 2023

My Fitness Instructor 195 Pics (1...

<p>It was time for my Twice Weekly Workout and I was ready for it, if you know what I mean, My Fitness Instructor, Mr Activator was putting me through my paces on the rowing machine and said I would benefit more from the session if I took off my Gym Kit, and he was more than willing to give me a hand, once naked he introduced me to his own piece of Gym equipment, which I was more than willing to try and he wasted no time in showing me the many uses for the multi-gym equipment, first bending me over and fucking me from behind before laying me on my back and giving my pussy a workout with his tongue, followed by more of his Hot Cock pounding away inside me.</p> <p> </p> <p>Trisha  xxx</p> <p> </p> <p>195 Pics  (1280px  X  852px)</p>

Resolution: * 300tk

v39877 Nov 04, 2023

Photos: An afternoon with a Sexy Ma...

<p> (339 pic's - 1280 X 852) I was out one night in a bar and met this sexy older woman and we got chatting and she said her name was Trisha, I think she was flattered that a young fit guy like me would be interested in her but we got on really well and she suggested we meet again so I was pleasantly surprised when she text me inviting me round to her place one afternoon for coffee or something, well the something got me interested, it was a hot day so I turned up looking all macho in just my shorts and vest, she was dressed to impress in a sexy harlequin bra and panty set with a black lace suspender belt and very lacey stockings with some really unusual killer heels, well it didn’t take me long to start fondling her ample breasts and I had soon liberated her 38DD tits and found myself sucking on her large erect nipples, we started kissing passionately as I started to rub her moist pussy through her panties then I took my shirt off and remover her bra then Ilay back on the bed and she took my shorts off then slid her hand down my underpants and started squeezing my cock which very quickly started to get hard, she removed my underpants and started licking my balls then teasing the tip of my cock before taking all my erect cock deep in her mouth then I helped her remove her panties and she sat on my face and I fingered her sweet juicy pussy and sucked hard on her clit then lay her on her back and spread her legs wide and buried my tongue deep inside her licking all her fragrant juices while she moaned with pleasure, next I fingered and spread her succulent cunt paying particular attention to her clip piercing which really seamed to arouse her as she squealed with excitement then I kneeled up and she once again started sucking on my stiff cock she didn’t make me cum and was desperate to fuck her but she said not on our first date but she demanded I fuck her with her vibrator until she reached a climax, then suggested I leave before her husband came home from work and said she would be in touch to arrange another meeting, and that’s another story.</p> <p>Paul</p>

Resolution: * 400tk

v39871 Nov 04, 2023

Photos: Examination Time with Warm...

<p>The Doctor is in the House and time to get my hands on Warm Sweet Honey and believe me that’s a lot of women to get your hands on and she didn’t waste any time in getting my kit off and start sucking on my cock and after she had given my cock a good sucking I bent her over and gave her a good fucking before she lay on her back while I finger fucked her until she squirted all over the place then I fisted her till she squealed in extasy with delight, then Stretched her massive pussy to its limits.</p> <p>The Dirty Doctor</p> <p> </p> <p>366 pic’s     Resolution  1200 px  X  800 px</p>

Resolution: * 500tk

v39717 Oct 30, 2023

Fun with Roc (64 Pic's 1200 X 80...

<p>When I heard Rocknyed Dangerfield was coming over the Pond to England from NYC I had to get in on the action so got myself invited to a Group Shoot with The Dirty Doctor at an apartment in Reading, so here&rsquo;s the pic&rsquo;s from the shoot where we first got acquainted.</p> <p>Juicy Ginger&nbsp; xxx</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>64 Pic&rsquo;s&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Resolution&nbsp; 1200 px&nbsp; X&nbsp; 800 px</p>

Resolution: * 120tk

v39716 Oct 30, 2023

The Window Cleaner (81 Pic's 1250...

<p>I had just got myself ready and was sitting on my bed waiting for a client who was due any minute, I heard a knock on the Door, &ldquo;Come In&rdquo; I called, to my surprise it was the window cleaner, well he said I owed him for 2 weeks so I suggested a blow job as a compromise which he gladly accepted, and after sucking his stiff cock for a while I was rewarded with a full load of Hot Thick Cum.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Trisha&nbsp; x x x</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>81 Pic&rsquo;s&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Resolution&nbsp; 1250 px&nbsp; X&nbsp; 837 px</p>

Resolution: * 160tk

v39588 Oct 25, 2023

Photo Album: Slave Training - 156 P...

<p>I brought my Slave out from his Cupboard under the stairs to do my bidding, I stripped him off and put a collar around his neck and chained him up to watch me strip off and tease him, I could see he was getting excited, so I had to get him involved, I had him put on his Leather Gimp Mask and teased him some more, I let him finger my Hot Wet Pussy before letting him get work on me with my favourite vibrator.</p> <p>Mistress Trisha</p> <p>156 Pic’s       Resolution   1250 px  X  837 px</p> <p> </p>

Resolution: * 160tk

v39556 Oct 24, 2023

Photo Album: Wild Weekend at Butlin...

<p>We had gone away for a 3 day break to a themed weekend &ldquo;School Reunion&rdquo; at a Butlins holiday resort, and also a good opportunity&nbsp; for a couple of photo shoot&rsquo;s as a Skoolgirl with over 7000 people there it was inevitable I suppose that I would be recognised ! The first night in the bar 2 guys approached &ldquo; Hey are you Trisha? &rdquo;&nbsp; it turned out they were 2 of my biggest fans, well after a good night out just had to invite them back for a drink, so began my wild weekend.</p> <p>Trisha&nbsp; xxx</p> <p>99 Pic&rsquo;s&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Resolution&nbsp;&nbsp; 900 px&nbsp; X&nbsp; 675 px&nbsp;</p>

Resolution: * 200tk

v39530 Oct 23, 2023

Trisha meets Phil T (329 Pic's - 1...

<p>I hope you have all been enjoying my recent pic sets, I get loads of Guys want to star in a vid or photoshoot with me, and Phil T, was a local Guy who had contacted me, so it was fairly easy to arrange, well he certainly needed no encouragement, and all his credentials were in order (If you know what I Mean) so it wasn&rsquo;t long before I was sucking his stiff Cock and he was fingering my pussy with Vigor until It was time for me to Ride him Hard then turn round and Ride him again Reverse Cowgirl, now it was his turn to pleasure me and bring me to Orgasm with his Tongue, before spreading my legs wide and Fucking me Hard then shooting his full load all over my face and in my mouth.</p> <p>Trisha&nbsp; xxx</p> <p>329 Pic&rsquo;s&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Resolution&nbsp; 1250 px&nbsp; X&nbsp; 837 px</p>

Resolution: * 300tk

v39490 Oct 22, 2023

The Pirate

<p>Yo Ho Ho Me Harties, It Be I, Pirate Capt&rsquo;n Trisha, back on dry land after a long sea voyage lootin and Plunderin and ready for some Grog and a Good Fucking from my First Mate, The Dirty Doc.</p> <p>Trisha&nbsp; xxx</p> <p>128 Pic&rsquo;s&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Resolution&nbsp;&nbsp; 1200 px&nbsp; X&nbsp; 800 px</p>

Resolution: * 200tk

v39475 Oct 21, 2023

Trisha Meets Foxey

<p>I had arranged to meet &ldquo;Foxey&rdquo; a guy who was eager to make a movie with me, so before we started shooting the movie, I thought it would be a good idea to do a photoshoot to loosen up and get to know each other a bit better, and I was certainly ready to get to know his 8&rdquo; cock a lot better&hellip;&hellip;</p> <p>Trisha&nbsp; xxx</p> <p>124 Pic&rsquo;s&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Resolution&nbsp; 900 px&nbsp; X&nbsp; 600 px</p>

Resolution: * 200tk

v39473 Oct 21, 2023

2 Cocks for School Girl Trisha

<p>The Headmaster had asked if he could take some photographs for the Skool Yearbook, 2 senior boys had turned up and things started to get Hot, but I&rsquo;m not the sort of girl to turn down the chance of&nbsp; some fun with 2 cocks, so I was a more than willing participant as I licked and sucked those 2 stiff cocks, and in return I got well Fucked and the headmaster got his photographs.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Trisha xxx</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>193 Pic&rsquo;s&nbsp; &nbsp; Resolution &nbsp; 900 px X 600 px</p>

Resolution: * 200tk

v39451 Oct 20, 2023

Photo Album: Fun in the Forest with...

<p>156 items, resolution: 1250 x 830 pixels. I had gone for a walk in the forest with two &nbsp;photographers and it was it was time to have some fun with the Dirty Doctor while the other photographer captured all the action, The Doc started to finger and spread my hot wet pussy before giving me a good licking, Then I sucked hard on his stiff cock after which he gave me a real good Fucking.</p> <p>Trisha&nbsp; x x x</p>

Resolution: * 200tk

v39450 Oct 20, 2023

Photo Album: Fun with Razman

<p>130 items, 1200x800 pixels. I was all dressed up in my sexy Red PVC and feeling randy as Fuck but my boyfriend Razman was just sitting watching TV so I thought I would just sneak up on him and surprise him and see If I could interest him in something much more exciting than the football on the TV, that would be me !</p> <p>Auntie Trisha xxx</p>

Resolution: * 200tk

v39386 Oct 18, 2023

Photo Album: Trisha and Jonathan

<p>195 items, Resolution: 837 x 1250 pixels I went up to Nottingham recently for a photo shoot with That Hot Black Stud Jonathan Harman, I found a really nice hotel ideal for the shoot and was really looking forward to it, we started off in the courtyard then proceeded into the bedroom where we both stripped each other off before getting down to some serious oral action, Jonathan just couldn&rsquo;t get enough of my Tits and Nipples and I couldn&rsquo;t get enough of his Stiff Cock, it wasn&rsquo;t long before he had me on all fours and gave me a good fucking Doggy style before shooting his load all over my arse.</p> <p>Trisha&nbsp; xxx</p>

Resolution: * 200tk

v39384 Oct 18, 2023

Photo Album: Second Photoshoot with...

<p>139 items, Resolution: 837 x 1250 pixels. Martin Essex a well-Hung Male Model had Joined me for another Red Hot Photoshoot and he didn&rsquo;t waste any time in getting to know me intimately and he was soon sucking on my Hot pussy giving it a good Licking, before I took him in Hand and gave him a Blow Job before Riding Him hard then he bent me over and fucked me doggy style before laying me on my back and fucking me hard until we both reached an exhilarating climax</p> <p>Trisha&nbsp; xxx</p>

Resolution: * 200tk

v39383 Oct 18, 2023

Photo Album: T-Girl Andrea

<p>140 items, Resolution: 837 x 1250 pixels. When I Met Chubby T-Girl Andrea for a Photoshoot I just knew it was going to be a lot of Fun, and as you can see from the Pic&rsquo;s it certainly was, we became great friends and I knew we would soon meet again for some Fun &amp; Frolics.</p> <p>Trisha&nbsp; x x x</p>

Resolution: * 200tk

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